Brazilian blowout and keratin cost San Francisco

The cost of the Brazilian Blowout and Keratin treatment depends on several factors, together with your area and the beauty salon you choose, but ranges anywhere from $150 to $400 or $500. Additional costs includes aftercare products intended to extend the life with the treatment.

So, there are many different after care products, including sulfate free shampoo and conditioner and masque and add shine oil etc, that are supposed to help the treatment last longer. Because these products are not cheap, if you’re considering having the hair therapy done, So, Please plan to spend up to $100 or $150 a lot more for aftercare.

Despite the hefty price tag, happy clients are saying the price is well worth it and claim the results are usually “life-changing”.

**From April 1st 2019, We are starting charge appointment fee $40.00 by credit card and Venmo and Paypal.


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**From April 1st 2019, we are starting charge reservation fee $40.00 (reimbursed after service) via credit card or Venmo.

Brazilian keratin organic $250+- $250.00 - 120m
Brazilian Blowout Original $350+- $350.00 - 120m
Appointment Fee $40.00 - 15m
Women's Haircut  $60+- $60.00 - 60m
Women's Hair trim  $50+- $50.00 - 45m
Hair Color $120+- $120.00 - 90m
Full highlight + Toner $245.00+- 180m
Partial Highlight + toner $205.00+- 150m
Thermal Reconditioning $350.00+- 200m
Balayage $200.00+- 120m
Japanese Ironic Straightening $350.00+- 200m
Touch up Thermal reconditioning $300.00+- 180m
Brazilian blowout deep conditioning masque +- $115.00 - 75m
Olaplex treatment $115.00 - 75m
Brazilian Keratin + hair-trim Deal of 2023 $250+- $250.00 - 130m
Brazilian Keratin $250+- $250.00 - 120m
Brazilian Blowout Original + trim/cut $385+- $385.00 - 150m
Brazilian keratin + Haircut/Trim $285+- $285.00 - 150m


*Price are change without notice.

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